5 Fundamental Reasons To Block Someone On Facebook

Sometimes some certain people can be really nasty on Social Media so much that they might leave you with no other choice than to unfriend them. But then you wonder and ponder if blocking someone on Facebook is considered to be immature or rude?

   Well, on this post, we will be taking a look at major reasons to block someone on Social Media without feeling awkward.

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    Social Media had undoubtedly been playing a major important big role in our lives today as it had made interaction lots more easier for everyone of us irregardless of distance. Also, apart from interacting with known people, Social Media also makes it pretty easy to connect with new people from all over the world.

       Although the primary function and aim of most Social Media especially that of Facebook according to the Founders is to help make the World connect easily with one another.
  However some users seems to be making it uncomfortable for other users.
     To cut the long story short, Below are some basic reasons to block someone on Facebook

5 Major Reasons To Block Someone On Facebook

1. Stalkers – Though some people might stalk you on Social Media just to get to know you better for good reasons – maybe for business, working together, common interest and co, there are at the same time some Stalkers who had other ill reasons.
    In this case, if your instincts gives you a sign or you notice a stranger with little details on his/her profile trying to ask TOO MUCH personal information from you, you can cut communications

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2. Unwanted Acquaintance – According to an Official source probably from Facebook, if you feel the need not to Associate with someone, you can block that person especially when the person is acting rude or sharing contents you find displeasing.

3. Incessant Bugging – Facebook allows people to connect and interact with each other  especially via the use of messaging features. However if you feel like someone is bugging your inbox incessantly for a nasty request, you can block them to prevent reoccurence.

4. Adding You To Unknown Groups – Someone once sent me a friend request and when i finally confirm it, i woke up the next day only to find out I’ve been added to different Uninteresting Facebook groups by the person.
    If you also find yourself in this type of position, you can leave those groups but if the person continue to add you to groups without your permission, it ain’t rude to block him/her on Facebook

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5.  Nasty Comments – Have you ever share an informative or any update on your wall and had someone leave a Nasty comment? Although it might depends on the type of Status update you made but if your status update is decent and where can i purchase clonazepam someone is fond of leaving Nasty comments on almost all of your Updates, then you can remove and block that person from your list.

And there goes the major reasons to block someone on Social Media.
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