Free Live Quiz App To Earn Real Money Online

Most of us are well familiar with the popular Who Wants To Be A Millionaire TV show, right? On this article, you’ll get to discover live quiz android apps to earn money for free.

FYI; A Quiz is a form of game or mind sport, in which the player attempts to answer questions correctly. – Wikipedia

quiz app to earn money

Some of us must have at one time in the other witness a Quiz competition or perhaps even participated. It could be in education competition or any similar fields of knowledge, abilities or skills.

Whether you are in or out of school, there are quiz competitions that which you can still partake in. Such quiz competitions could be offline at a physical location (like in TV) or virtual through Internet (Online Quiz).

However on this article, you’ll get to discover LIVE QUIZ APP that you can play for FREE on your Smartphone and earn real Cash.


Live Quiz Android Apps To Earn Real Money


#1 – YTrivia Live Quiz App

Trivia_Win_Money_Quiz_App      Ytrivia is a fast rising popular trivia game which is targeted mainly to the Nigerian audience and work well on both Android OS and iOS.

It is the Nigeria’s first and only daily LIVE Quiz App game show which is streamed directly to your smartphone.

Quiz App Game shows starts daily at 6PM West African Time and you can absolutely join for free.

#1.1 How To Join and Play YTrivia Quiz

I. Download the YTrivia App [Android & iOS] from their official website

II. Complete the registration by signing up via your phone number or Google accounts

III. After the whole registration, Insert this code “XZPG4RMP” as our refferal code [optional]

IV. Join the Game at the Stipulated time, answer questions and Win real Cash!

V. You get to Cashout your earnings via Your Bank Account.


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#2. HQ Trivia Quiz For Real Money

HQTrivia_Quiz_App - netsocialblog.comHQ Trivia is an international quiz trivia game with its physical location based in New York.

Earnings/ your withdrawal are made through PayPal.

HQ Trivia does not have a specific time for the game as it varies. It could be 2AM (GMT) or sometimes 8PM (West African Time).

HQ Trivia is available for Android Devices as well as iOS.

If you like, you can use NetSocialBlog’s admin referral code “tuhamworld” after signing up.


#2.1 How To Join and Play HQTrivia Quiz

I. Download HQTrivia from PlayStore (Android Devices) or AppStore (iOS Devices)

II. Complete registration using either your mobile number or google account

III. Join the LIVE Quiz Game at the right time (which is displayed on the dashboard)

IV. Answer Questions and Win Cash

V. Withdraw your earnings to your Paypal Account


NOTE: If you would like to have a Paypal account that can be used to send and receive funds, contact me here

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