[Beginners Guide] – Programming Languages and How To Learn ’em

Wanted to know how to code but do not know where to start from? On this article; you’ll get to have a beginners guide and insights to the world of programming languages, what they are, how they works and what you need in order to learn programming languages.

programming languages guide

Programming Languages Beginners Guide

What are Programming Languages?

Programming languages means different things to a lot of people but they all are referring to the same basic meaning. The simplest and most understandable definition of programming languages is that; it is a language which comprises of sets of instructions in order to provide an output.

Since human being wants are unlimited and what we all want are quite different from one another; there is a need to tune the available resources to our taste. Programming languages help us to modify our computer default instruction to suit our needs.

How many programming languages are out there?

There are a lot of programming languages out there. The last time i checked; there are roughly approximately 256 Programming languages. You can see the complete list on this Quora article.

Why are Programming Languages the Big Deal?

Programming languages are a big deal because we can’t do without them in today’s era. They are used to program our smartphones in order to make them function more better such as Android; used to develop Apps that solves problem such as Java; Artificial Intelligence to make tasks easier such as Python; and etcetera.


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What Programming Languages Should i Learn First?

It all boils down to what you really want?

There are roles like Web Developer; UX/UI Designer, App Developer, Data Scientist, Web Designer, and lots more.

Knowing which role you wanted to go for will allow you to streamline your choice of programming languages. However i would suggest you take it one step at a time so you won’t feel overwhelmed.


Know the Programming Languages which are in DEMAND and have PASSION for it.

As of 2019; the most popular ones are Python, Java, PHP, Javascript and the likes. You can the remainning FULL LIST OF 8 Top Programming Languages in 2019 Here.

What Gadgets/Resources Do I Need to Have Before Learning Programming Languages

Just as you’d need a Pen as well as a book before you can write; programming languages also requires you to have some things within your grasp.

Before thinking of learning a programming language; you should have a personal computer, access to internet, smartphone and willigness to learn.

Having these will make your journey to become a programmer more smoother.

Where Can I Learn Programming Languages

Some people prefer Do-It-Yourself while some learned much better when they learn at an IT Training Institute.

However the most important thing is you should ensure to have a mentor – someone you look up to. This is so that whenever you had any encounter with a difficult bug and unable to solve it; you can share the problem with your mentor who’s more experienced to help you solve it.


Now that you know what programming languages are and how best to learn them, the earlier you start the better. In the next article on NetSocialBlog; we’ll be taking a look at places where you can easily learn programming languages.

If you have any question, feel free to leave it in the comment box.

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