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In any business; more visibility means more Customers as the more people get to know about your business, the more customer your business attract.

With Google My Business; your business would have the upper advantages to become more visible online.

  • How To Get Started

When you purchase this service; you’ll be given detailed instruction on how to set up Google My Business (a feature that boost your Business Presence online)

The process involve;

  • Registration : You’ll be required to register with your valid Google account
  • Filling Information : Your Personal Information such as Name, Phone number and etc
  • Submitting Details: These include some Photos about your Business, Address, URL, etc
  • Verification: To verify your business, a postal address will be required as Google will send you a letter.

I can also help you do the Practical aspect of the whole setup

For more information about Google My Business, click here

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Have you ever tried to search for your business on Google?

IF YES, What results did you found?

IF NO, i would suggest you try that right now to see how your business is on Google.

What Is Google My Business All About?

Google My Business is a feature that allow you to submit your Business information to Google in order to display better results for your customers. To understand this better; here is a screenshot below

Google My Business - Post Office