If Your Laptop Processor Fan Is Not Working, Here’s What You Should Do First

If you got a laptop in which the processor fan is not working or probably it was working before, but just stopped working, am going to share with you “one single tip” that solved mine.
     Before i continue, so the thing is; I recently got a new PC and it would be an understatement if i said “i was super-excited” to have it in my possession!

 I mean a perfect working PC is something I’ve been wishing and working so hard to get all these years but one thing or the other always prevent me from getting it. In case you do not know, I’ve been a Mobi-Blogger (checkout the meaning in the No #1 list on this post ) all these years.

When i got the Laptop, turns out the processor fan wasn’t working which means an imminent big trouble for the innocent PC.

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All i know is, I would be using the computer for a while and suddenly without warning, the PC would just shut itself down. I powered it on again but the issue was still the same and that’s how i realized there is something wrong with it.

Fortunately i had someone who is like 3 in 1 to me(a mentor, a dad and an uncle *winks* ) whom is a guru in computer hardware engineering but now a programmer. I told him about the situation with the PC and he said;

“In this case, there are 3 things involved.
1. The processor fan might not be properly connected to the motherboard,
2. The Processor fan was blocked by dirt or
3. It is no longer functional”

He later unscrewed the laptop, carefully removed the fan and turns out THE PROCESSOR FAN WAS BLOCKED BY DIRT! The dirt was so much that i couldn’t help but wonder how it got them.

  After the removal of the dirt, the processor fan was then fixed back and eureka! it started working back!

So when your laptop processor fan stopped working, check the fan first maybe there were dirt preventing it from working!
As simple as ABC

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  1. Good to know that you have found solution to the PC's problem. Blogging will be more easier for you now. How I wish my laptop's issues could be solved too. Keypad is not working and the motherboard is non-responsive.

    1. Funny enough, I've been addicted to typing on mobile and was still finding it hard to adjust to typing on the PC. I believe your laptop's issue can also be solved by a professional computer engineer but i just hope the fees to do it won't be getting close to getting a new one

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