Plagiarism Checker: How To Check Your Website against Plagiarism

Has it ever occurred to you someone might be copying your original website content and presenting it as their own? In this post, you will discover a plagiarism checker tool that will allow you to discover if your website contents are being plagiarized.

Plagiarism Checker Tool

What is Plagiarism

According to the Oxford dictionary, Plagiarism is simply the practice of taking someone’s else work or ideas and passing it as your own.

While plagiarism is of different nature, the focus of this will be solely on website content plagiarism.

Plagiarism Examples

To understand the concept of website content plagiarism better, we’d be using an illustrative example of two different websites owned by different Individuals.

Let’s refer to Website A owned by Mr. A

While we refer to Website B owned by Mr. B

If Mr. A publishes content on his website, and the same content appears on Mr. B’s website, then plagiarism has occurred.

In this context, it was Mr. B who plagiarized Mr. A website content.

Types of Plagiarism

While there are different types of Plagiarism, we would be taking a look at the four most popular types of plagiarism.

4 Common Types of Plagiarism

  • Direct Plagiarism – This is the type of plagiarism whereby specific sections or pargagraphs of your website are copied word-for-word on another website without your knowledge.
  • Complete Plagiarism – This is the type of plagiarism in which a website copies your entire article without your knowledge – word-for-word.
  • Self-Plagiarism – Plagiarism does not only occur if someone else reuses your content. Self-Plagiarism is a type of plagiarism whereby you reused your website content in another source (perhaps for a client)
  • Accidental Plagiarism – This is the type of plagiarism that occurs when you do not know you are plagiarizing someone else works. This could be due to failing to put quotes in the right place, citing sources, etc.

How to Avoid Plagiarism

While Plagiarism can be a little bit difficult to prevent on your website, there are some ways by which you can reduce it.

Some of the options are;

  • Disabling Right-Click on your Website (Not always recommended)
  • Protect your website contents using DMCA

Plagiarism Checker Tool

Looking for ways to check if there are copies of your website content on the Internet, you can make use of Copyscape – a tool for Plagiarism checkers on the internet.

How To Use Copyscape Plagiarism Checker for Free

To use Copyscape for checking copies of your website, follow the steps below;

  • Visit
  • Enter your website URL in the box provided (see screenshot below)
Copyscape - Plagiarism Checker
  • Click on Go (after entering your website URL)
  • Search results will show next and display if there is a copy of your content on the internet.

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