PayMe – Free Payment Gateway In Nigeria

Are you looking for a free convenient payment gateway for your blogger blogs, website or business? If yes, Then you should try PayMe.NG

PayMe is a free payment gateway website that helps you to get paid faster from your friends, family, and customers using a simple customized link. This payment gateway is made for everyone which includes

1. Personal: You can use PayMe to receive payments from friends and family in an hassle-free way!

2. Freelancers: If you are a Freelancer with mix of local and international payers, you can simply use PayMe as a centralized place to get paid

3. Startups: If you’re just starting up and don’t have a corporate account, PayMe is for you as it allows you to present a corporate identity to your clients whenever you want to get paid.

4. Social Commerce: If you had an Instagram account or other Social Media profiles where you usually sell your products, you can easily create multiple shareable links on PayMe for each products.

5. Enterprise: For large enterprises who are looking to receive payments quickly, you can use PayMe to receive payments without the need for integration.

How Does PayMe Works?

Step 1 – Register Your PayMe Account Here which take few seconds 
Step 2 – Create your shareable link
Step 3 – Share it with anyone to start getting paid
Step 4 – NOW watch the money roll in to your accounts instantly!

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