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4 Must To Have Gadgets With PC For Newbie and Geek

Do you just bought a PC or you already had one and wonder what Gadgets are for now important to acquire with the PC? Although You might have had preliminary lists of some gadgets you wanted to acquire but nevertheless you'll still find some that would be quite handy right here
Unlike a mobile phone in which its main add-ons is just the sim and purchasing mobile airtime, a PC need lots more than that. And with numerous gadgets for PC out there, its easier to get overwhelm as which one to start with.
     But here, i had gathered 4 Important Gadgets which you need to have with your PC
4 Gadgets You Need To Have With Your PCExternal Mouse - Although laptops came with a default mouse buttons likewise trackboard which are embedded below the keyboard, i'd still recommend getting an external mouse.
Using an external mouse allows you to perform tasks in a faster and more easier way. 
Flash Drive - Probably you didn't have a printer and you're to print out a document from your…

Change your Blog To .Com

You might asked yourself, Why Should You Want To change to .Com?

Well, If you're on a free domain (Especially) on blogger, your blog might not display the mobile view even though am not yet sure what really cause this but the only way as at now to solve it, is by getting a custom domain.

Additionally, incase you lose your blog, it takes less than 2hrs to retrieve it back if you're on a Custom Domain and have an up-to-date backup of your blog's data WHILST if you're not, it might took days and only luck can bring it back.
=> Can you now see that custom domain is better than a Free Domain? <=

Also Custom Domain which changes your blog from to makes your blog sounds professional, Unique and also makes it easier for readers to remember your blog.
   With these points, you'll quite agree with me that Custom Domain has a lots of advantages.

    Are you now Ready to change To .com or other TLDS?
    If yes, do not get your hands dirty doing it by letting me help you. Whether its TLDs, Organization, Business, or Countries Domain, i can do it for you using a TRUSTED, RELIABLE and HASSLE-FREE DOMAIN REGISTRAR.

Kindly note that even though Custom domain's Service price starts from #4500, the price is usually determined by the TLD extensions (.com, .org, .net,, etc) you want. Some extensions are cheaper while some are a little bit high.
    PLUS did i said i will do the redirection for you in which everything will work perfectly in less than 24HRS?!
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