Below are the services we offer;

Blogger and WordPress Services

We started NetSocialBlog using the Blogger Platform before making the decision to move from Blogspot to WordPress around 2018. This makes us well acquainted (when it comes to the Technical part) with using the two platform for both web and blogging purposes.

Below are some of the Blogger and WordPress Services we currently offer;

1. Designing/Redesigning Your Blog (Blogger and WordPress): Whether you already have a blog or you’re planning to start one, the design of a blog is one key aspect that shouldn’t be taken with levity hands. Having designed for several blogs, we will discuss with you what type of theme design would suit your blog (whether light or bold design) before we move on to designing your blog.

Pricing varies depending on the theme and design.

2. Getting A Custom Domain (Blogger): If you want to show professionalism in your blog, getting a custom domain is the best way to start. Having a blog with “” sounds cool and professional rather than a blog with “”.

Apart from purchasing it for you, we will also link it with your blog and activate HTTPS so everything can work fine. Pricing varies depending on the domain TLD.

3. Blogger to WordPress Migration : Do you want to migrate your site from Blogger to WordPress but do not know where to begin from? We will help you do the migration without you loosing any of your posts, pages, images or links. This service can be tricky as a minor mistake could break your site but, you do not need to worry as we will handle all of that for you.

Pricing varies depending on how large your blogger blog is, as well as the design you want on the new WordPress site.

4. Blog Administrator (Blogger and WordPress): If you have a blog and do not have the time to look over the technical aspect of it, you can hire us to watch over it. Apart from maintaining the components, you’ll also get a report of how your blog is doing – so you can know what has been done and what needs to be improved.

NOTE: Blog Administrator is different from Blog writing, we are not writing for your blog, only managing the technical aspect.

Other Services

5. Facebook Chatbot Messenger – We can help you set up a chatbot messenger that will handle the most common questions 24/7 without you having to manually reply to all of the requests. This chatbot will also be able to tell your audience about the products/services you offer and can showcase some articles from your website directly from the chat screen.

Pricing depend on features – and you can take a sample look at NetSocialBlog Facebook chatbot messenger.

6. Payment Gateway for your Site : Do you run a blog and would like to start selling physical or digital products on the site? If yes, we can help you with integrating secure payment gateway so you can be able to easily sell your products directly on your website.

NOTE: We are currently not offering this service due to schedule.

7. Social Media e-Covers: Do you want to stand out from the crowd and have customized Facebook, Twitter, or other Social media background covers? Social Media Covers are those background IMAGE you see behind your profile picture and you can use it to announce what you do and your contact details.

NOTE: We are currently not offering this service.

8. Blogging Training (Setup, Managing & Designing) – This is a new service where you get to book a one or one time and we train you on how to set up a blog, how to manage it, and how to do some mini customization all by yourself.

NOTE: This is a time consuming activity and we would appreciate if you are ready to be committed.

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