10 Awesome Ways To Optimize Blog Posts for SEO on Blogger

Blogger is one best free blogging platforms any beginner could start with but one of the cons you might find discouraging from the platform is its Limited blogging tools.

Although there is no SEO plugin for blogger blogs, this article will show you 10 Ways you can optimize blog posts for SEO on Blogger.

optimize blog posts for SEO

Before we begin, kindly NOTE this;

Search Engine Optimization is a complex topic to the extent that – even SEO gurus sometimes cannot 100% predicts what will happen in the next Google Update. However, there are some basic guidelines which when followed can really make a huge positive difference in your blog SEO.

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In this article, we will be taking a look at those basic guidelines to improve your chances of getting ranked.

Optimizing Blog Posts For SEO on Blogger, How Hard is it?

Blogger is owned by the big giant search engine – Google and fortunately by default, your blog is automatically set to be indexed by search engines. However, you can also increase your chances of being ranked on search engines by optimizing your article.

Sadly, Unlike WordPress which has SEO plugins to help you write an optimized post, there’s no such thing as an SEO plugin for blogger blog thus making it a little bit hard for blogger users to SEO optimize their posts.

If you are currently using the platform, here are 10 ways to optimize your post for search engine optimization.

Have a Topic in Mind

Writing a blog post – most especially for formal purposes isn’t something you can just jump in on your screen and start writing. The first step is to draft out the topics you want to write about – this will make it easier for you to build your article on something.

Do keyword research for the Topic

The benefit of doing keyword research is you get to know whether you are the only person who cares about the topic or your Audience does. An additional benefit is that; it allows you to find out what exact keyword your audience is using to search for the topic.

You can use a tool such as Keyword Tool and insert your topic in the keyword search tool. The results generated from the reports can then be used to decide what your article headline and body will be.

Optimize your Headline With the Topic Keyword

Now that you’ve discovered the words your audience is using to search for your topic (as mentioned in Number #2), it is important you optimize your Headline with the topic key-word. However, remember to ensure your headline makes sense to the human ear and not just 100% focus on satisfying the search engine bot.

Focus on Quality over Quantity for the Body Content

While it is actually great to write longer articles for your blog, it is not compulsory. The rule here is to focus on Quality over Quantity – not too short nor too long. Ensure your article has a decent amount of characters that will make it easier for your readers to comprehend what you are trying to show them 🙂

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Break it Down with Subheadings

If you are going to write a very long article for your blog, it is recommended you break it down using Subheadings and Minor headings. This will make it easier for your readers to scan through your content without feeling bored – and also, be able to follow through the key points.

optimize blog post heading for SEO

The above example shows different levels of heading and you can select any, to break down your body article depending on their level of importance.

Optimize your Image SEO using attributes

One of the most underestimated means of SEO is the Image SEO. You can increase your chances of being noticed via Google Image Search by simply adding attributes to your Images in the article body. This attribute is what Search Engines will pick up during Image Search and will link back to your blog.

To add attribute to your Image SEO, see this screenshot and then screenshot 2.

Use Appropriate Labels

In the Google Blogger Platform, categories are referred to as Labels. When writing an article for your blog, apart from using labels to sort your article categories, they can also help when it comes to search engine optimization. If you are not used to categorizing your posts before, now might perhaps be the best time to start doing so.

Optimize Keyword in your Blog Post Permalink

Although, Permalinks in Blogspot can not be fully customized like that of WordPress where you can decide to use a post name permalink instead of Year/Month permalink. However, you can still make some minor customization as shown in screenshot 3 here.

Ensure to insert your topic keyword in the permalink and try to make it precise as much as possible

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Do not stuff your posts with Keyword (Very Important)

If you have been following this article right from the beginning, you would notice I mentioned how important it is, to use your keyword in your post headline, headings, and body content. However, you should also NOTE that Keyword stuffing is something Search Engine frowned at, and is advisable for you not to follow the route.

For those who might not know, keyword stuffing is simply overusing keywords in your article just for the sake of ranking. This method can make your article harder to comprehend for your audience and thus have an adverse effect on your blog.

Remember the end goal is to write for the user and not search engines.

Publicize and Share

Finally, it is not enough to write your article, optimize it and then leave it just like that. Try to share your article with your friends, via your social media handles such as Linkedin, Twitter, and/or Facebook. Having a great social signal has been proven to help SEO in a way you might not just understand yet (Source: SEJ)

This is why it is important to get your article out there.

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