[Review] 5 Outstanding Features of Opera Browser For PC

The world of Internet browsers on PC have really gone a long way. Right from the time of Internet explorer, Firefox browser, Google chrome, Opera, Safari, and etc. However on this article; we’ll be taking a look at the Opera browser for PC and the amazing features which makes it stand out.

opera browser review


Talk about speed, light and flexibility; Opera browser is one browser that combine all of these features to make it more awesome. While there are lots of features that makes the Opera browser to stand out back then; what i did really enjoy the most is the Speed and its Lightness in weight.

It doesn’t take much space of your PC storage and the internet speed is very fast- like super fast in contrast to a typical browser.

Some of the other features of the Opera browser for PC are mentioned below;

Opera Browser VPN Feature

Did you know you can actually use VPN for free with the Opera Browser for PC? This feature can be seen at the Incognito mode of the Opera browser.

VPN known as Virtual Private Network is a feature on Opera which allows you to browse securely on the web. The most interesting thing about VPN is you’ll be able to access blocked websites thus giving you unlimited access to surf the internet.

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Also with the VPN Feature, you get to select whether you’d like to choose Asia, Europe or America from the VPN Choice list.

Super Fast PC Browser

Opera browser is not to be left behind when it comes to Speed. The browser loads your pages fast and does not leave stressed your personal computer before it display the result.

If you’re looking for a fast browser on your PC, opera browser for pc is one browser that’ll come handy.

Snapshot without plugin

Majority of us are familiar with the Windows Snipping Tool for grabbing a Screenshot both online and offline. However it can be quite tasking when you want to take a screenshot online and you’d have to navigate to Start Menu >> Search for Snipping tool

The Opera browser comes pre-installed with Snapshot which allows you to take screenshot easily with just a click.

Keep Tabs even After Closing Browser

You do not need to worry about losing your Tabs incase your PC shuts down unexpectedly or you mistakenly closes your browser. This is simply because the Opera browser saves your Tabs and keep them whenever your PC shutdown abruptly.

Also if you close your browser in an attempt to do something else; your Tabs will still remain intact anytime you open the Opera browser.

Easily Synchronize Your Bookmarks and History

If you’ve been using another browser before ; you can easily sync all of your bookmarks and history to the Opera browser without Losing any single thing! It’s very simple as A B C.

This feature prevents you from starting all the way from the scratch most especially if you had some important website from your previous browser history.

To get started, Visit Opera.comOpera Official Site on your PC to Download the Browser for your PC

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