[Blog Review]: Ogbongeblog – da Tech Blog In Nigeria For How-Tos

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If you’re looking for a blog with Guide on How-Tos, then Ogbongeblog is a great place for you to start with. The one of the Top Technology blog in Nigeria was founded by Jide Ogunsanya in the year 2008 to provide How-Tos Tutorial on topics related to internet, making money online, digital marketing and blogging tips.

About Ogbongeblog

Ogbongeblog is a Nigerian Tech blog which provide resourceful articles for bloggers, digital marketers, webmasters, and Internet entrepreneurs in Nigeria and a quite large amount of articles to solve problems have been written on the site. One of these problem-solving article is the recent issue of Domainking which was shut down thus causing panic in the minds of many bloggers and internet marketers who had products with them.

     Fortunately the founder of Ogbongeblog, was able to came up with a solution to the issue in which the article can be found here. This and many problem-solving articles had made the site to earn a good reputation in the blogosphere and also for the founder.

About Jide Ogunsanya, Founder of Ogbongeblog

Jide Ogunsanya of Ogbongeblog

Jide Ogunsanya graduated as a microbiologist from Olabisi Onabanjo University before his encounter with passion for Technology. The brain behind Ogbongeblog is a young passionate Nigerian blogger and digital marketer who had the passion to make things happen with the use of Technology.
He has earned a Nigerian Blog Award, being featured in many events and also seen on the Punch Newspaper.

    You can connect with him on Facebook, and Twitter here.Do also feel free to check www.ogbongeblog.com to see more of his awesomeness

Sharing is Caring;

5 thoughts on “[Blog Review]: Ogbongeblog – da Tech Blog In Nigeria For How-Tos”

  1. Am really impressed from what am seeing on this site, I was just searching online for popular techblogs in Nigeria and I come across this I must say a very big weldon and great job to the admin of this site .

    I also run a tech blog called Scannerstech
    I will be very happy if my site is featured in any of your next articles

    1. Hey there Ajayi

      Glad to hear you did like what you found here. I also checkout your site and its pretty cool.

      However i would suggest you work on the layout as it seems pretty stacked. Keep it up and one day you going to be featured, maybe not here but bigger brands

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