.NET Framework blocked From Installation? How To Fix

Have you been having issue trying to Install Microsoft Net Framework on your PC but just couldn’t figure it? Here on this article; you’d get to know how to troubleshoot .NET framework blocked from Installation

.NET Framework blocked from Installation

What is .NET Framework?

According to Wikipedia; .NET Framework is a software program developed by Microsoft and runs primarily on Windows Operating System. This tiny program is very important as it helps to stabilise other software running on your PC, exception handling, memory management and etc.


How Important is .NET Framework?

The dotnet framework is very much to the extent that some software cannot even install unless you have .NET Framework installed on your PC.


How Do I Resolve The Issue from Blocked Installations Of .NET Framework?

I noticed this issue when i format my Personal Computer and am trying to install some software back to the PC. I tried downloading several .NET Framework but the issue kept persisting with same error.

As a matter of fact – i did also try the latest version .NET Framework v 4.7.2 but still yet, nothing. At the end, i found the answer which is; Windows Update.


Using Windows Update To Fix Blocked .NET Framework

All you need to do is Goto Start Menu

Search for Windows Update

After the Windows Update Tabe had opened, click on Check for Updatesi

And update it

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