NaijaSingleGirl [Review] – The Nigerian LifeStyle Blog Of A Typical Single Girl

NaijaSingleGirl Blog is an Humorous webjournal where the author share her views on the LIFESTYLE of a Typical Nigerian Single Girl.


Apart from discussing about being single, the blog also discusses on Touching story one of which was the first post that make me landed on the blog. Branded with the author’s personal view and also FEATURING lifestyle article by people to express their mind, one would concur its a fun place to visit.

After reading a piece from the post, i assure you might not resist reading other posts as apart from FORCING you to SMILE or even LAUGH, you would definitely find something touching, inspiring, or funny related to you if YOU ARE STILL SINGLE. *lol*.
From my first day of knowing about the blog, its been on the list of my visited blog(although might not be daily);)

About NaijaSingleGirl

The Owner of NSG Blog is an anoynmous blogger and goes with the nick NaijaSingleGirl. She also took part in Ghostwriting on different webblogs one of which is WOMAN.NG.
“Am on a quest to find a good man, a good job, a good food and all the good things life have to offer” says NSG fav. Quote.
I TOO DOES but na good woman in my own case;)

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