Your Mtn Sim Not Browsing, How To Resolve It

If you have been using your mtn sim to browse successfully and suddenly, it just stopped working! Or rather, maybe you had done all the right internet configurations and still yet, your mobile phone does not connect to the internet via the mtn sim:/
Well, congratulations as Mrs NetSocialBlog is going to get that solved for you right here, right now *winks*


It all started when a neighbour walked up to me and came with a report that his phone was unable to connect to internet in which he then gave the phone to me and ask maybe i could resolve it.
Since its related to internet, the first thing i did was to re-configure the device for internet settings using the instruction for automatic configuration settings and when it doesn’t works, i did tried the manual internet configuration settings which ALL PROVED FUTILE.

After several failed attempts, i almost gave up before an idea pop up!

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It later occured to me that i should call the customer care and inform them about the issue. Fortunately after calling them and giving thorough explanation, i was not only been told of the problem but also proffered the solution to it.

I later realized that the cause of the mtn sim not browsing was because the DATA HAS BEEN DISABLED via a short-service code and in which before the device could be able to browse, IT would have to be ENABLED with a certain service code.
To cut the long story short, here is how to make your mtn sim start working and browsing back using the short service code.

*. To Disable DataDial *466*1#
*. To Enable Data Back,Dial *466*2#

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Updated – If you’re being giving the response of “network error”, then dial (*466#)

33 thoughts on “Your Mtn Sim Not Browsing, How To Resolve It”

  1. Collins Paschal

    Thanks so much for this, really worked like magic,but why would a sim just automatically go off on data?

    1. Glad this was able to work for you.
      For now, I can’t really say but the most important thing is; you’ve been able to fix it

  2. Hi I have tried every instruction and also settings but no results since stop access internet 3 weeks back I still have data left on my simcard

    1. Hello Japhet,

      Do confirm if you have a data subscription on your line. If you do, try to follow the instructions on this article and restart your phone.
      It should work

  3. This is the command i have been receiving after dialing *466# or *466*2# \’sorry, the command you have entered is incorrect\’

  4. This is the command i have been receiving after dialing *466# or *466*2# \’sorry, the command you have entered is incorrect\’

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