2 Reasons Why Social Media Might be Dangerous For you.

Though Social Network is good due to wide variety of advantages but Today am going to discuss about the disadvantages of it which might make it dangerous for Its User.

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Like i said earlier, social network is good as it helped making communication much more Easier and faster. Nevertheless Social Network also has some disadvantages which we must all beware of. Below are some must-to-known disadvantages:

* Cyberbullying: Cyberbullying simply means an act of bullying through electronic technology e.g Social Media, Internet. This cyberbullying in the past event had caused its victim shameful reputation and has even led some to commit suicide.
Preventive way: Always do remember to stay safe and Never share your private files/nude picture to someone online.

* Addiction: Spending a lot of hours on Social Media without doing something reasonable is absolutely not the best way. One of the most priceless gifts given to us all by God is “Time”. Why wasting away your precious time when there are gainful things you can do both online and offline, some of which are Winobi Educative App, Awanet E-learning Website and others.
   The side effects of Social Network Addiction is likely fatigueness, loss of focus in other things that matter and Time-consuming.

Preventive Way: Be Time conscious

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