Music Player: Features You Probably didn’t Know how to Use them.

Music is one of the most popular form of entertainment. To many people in many culture, it is an important part of their way of life. According to Research; depending on the type listening to, music can help in reducing stress and also do gives Inspiration

In the olden days, you can only listen to music when there is a Festival, or a singer is around to sing for you but thanks to Technology;) Music is now made easier with the help of Mobile devices which aid us to turn on music anywhere we are and anytime we wish! Since devices like phones, ipod, ipad and other mobile media player are rampant, i would like to mention some few features that you probably didn’t know their function when playing Music.
A lot of people do wonder what some feature in the Music player settings do mean? This feature can be located in the settings of your music player- Below are some features in Music Player that you probably didn’t know how to use them. :

*. Shuffle: When this feature is SET ON, music won’t be played accordingly again but randomly. Like after playing Number 1: instead to move to Number 2, it might jump to No. 7 or any figure it likes.

*. Repeat: Repeat simply means to repeat the music after its been played. However this repeat also has other subsection under it. They are:-

* Repeat ALL: This feature when activated repeats the playlist after all music has been played.

*. Repeat ALL OFF: This means the it should stopped after it has played all music in the playlist.

*. Repeat ONE: This feature means it should keep repeating a single music.

*. Repeat ONE OFF: After a single music has been played, the media will stop playing.

*. Equaliser: Equaliser changes the tone of the music.

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