2 Popular Ways A Mobile Phone Could Be Short-Lived

Whilst having a chit-chat with a friend on Mobile Tips, we unknowingly reached a section on what makes a Mobile Phone Lasts for a long time. I replied him => “Nothing Lasts forever” Says a popular adage but its possible for one to make them last longer simply by taking precaution of what do short-lived them.

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Just like a mobile battery which can be tamed to Last longer, its also possible for you to extend your mobile device lifetime.
To make a mobile phone lasts longer, simply avoid this 2 things that damage them

Things that Kills Mobile Phone Faster

*. Falling down : Though No-one is above mistake but most of the times, mistake happens do to our carelessness. By being extra-careful, you can save your mobile phone from falling thereby preventing it from untimely accident or damage.
Preventive way: Be careful not to put your phone in high place especially at the far end or tip. Vibration might cause it to fall down.

*. Drowning: Water is one of the common factor that damages a phone although its severity might not be much as that of “falling down”. When a liquid is spilled into a mobile device, it flows into the panel and disrupt the function of the electronic chips affected.
Preventive way: If you happen to be working with water(e.g Car-washing), use a protective for your phone or do keep it away from water.
Do you got some mobile-saving tips too, share via the comment box below.
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