How to add Meta description for Blogger Blog

Meta Descriptions are one of the effective SEO techniques as meta tags help Search Engines to know more about your website. On this article, you’ll get to learn how to add meta description for blogger blog

meta descriptions blogger blog

Meta tags are the tags that displays some description about what your website is all about. Depending on the blogging platform you are using; this meta descriptions can be added via the settings from your blog dashboard.

You can also add them inside the HTML section of your blog. From this article; you’ll get to learn how to add meta descriptions for blogger blog


How You Can Add Meta Description To Blogger Blog

*. Adding Blog Description To Blogger Blog

Blog Description is the meta description that will be displayed on your search engine for your blog’s homepage. the Login to your Blogger Blog Dashboard >> Settings

Then click on >> Basic >> Description

Furthermore, you can also add the meta description to it by going to; Settings >> Search Preferences.


*. For Keywords Description, Tags and Author Name

As a Blogger, you must have at least 3 keywords that you’d like to target in your Niche. For instance; a Lifestyle Blog like BellaNaija is likely to talk about Relationship, Beauty and Career.

These three topics are what is reffered to as keywords and tags.

To add meta keywords, description and Author Name to your blog;

1. Simply copy the below code

<meta name=”description” content=’A Blog on Technology, Social Media and Blogging tips’/>
<meta name=”keywords” content=’blogging, social media, technology, internet, android’/>
<meta name=”author” content=’Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)”/>


2. Now search for </head and paste the code directly above it!


And there goes how to add meta description for blogger blog.

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