Student Blogging : How Can I Manage Blogging With Studies?

The term “blogging” is a popular word known to almost every human being using the internet. Afterall one can’t do without reading blogs these days as that is where one can get the latest news, useful information, DIY Guides and How-Tos articles on one’s area/topic of interest.
But on this post, we’d taking a closer look at not just “blogging in its general term” but the term “student blogging”


What is Student Blogging?

While there might be several terms for it, Student blogging simply refer to a kind of blogging whereby the blogger is a student in an higher institution.

Benefits of Student Blogging

The advantages of student blogging are numerous depending on the niche the student focus on. However since the skill to research, write and communicate is very important, blogging helps student blogger to develop him/herself in these aspects.
Apart from that, blogging can also serve as a side income for students. For detailed info, you can read an article titled advantages of blogging for students. Now below are 3 ways students can manage blogging with studies

How Can I Manage Blogging With Studies?

While the idea of owning a blog as a student might sounds pretty good, the truth is it can be a little bit hard to maintain since you already have tonnes of stuff to attend to at school.
If you feel you cannot handle it, you can go for something else but if you’re so interested in blogging. Below are 3 tips for you;
1. Use A Reliable Hosting/Blogging Platform – If you do not want to spend every moment worrying about your blog’s online stability, the foundation does really matter a lot.
You can start with blogger platform as it’s hosted by Google but if you want to use WordPress, we recommend as at now to use Bluehost – a reliable WordPress hosting company with LIVE support if you had any trouble.
2. Have a Blog PlannerCassiedaves blog planner is a tool that helps you stay focused and on track as regards your blogging goals. A blog planners makes it easier to jot down post ideas, create schedules, manage blogging finances, blog opportunities and more!
3. Maintain a Consistent Schedule – You might not be able to publish posts every single day but whatever days of the week you choose, try to be consistent with it. You can even decide to publish twice or once in a week depending on how convenient you are.
This will enable your readers to know when they should come back on your blog for new contents.Bottom Line: To be sincere with you, it’s not going to be an easy task especially if you are buy klonopin online diving into a niche that needed to be stay updated frequently. In this case, if however you did notice you cannot cope with it, it’s advisable you focus on your studies and leave blogging for a while.
You can bounce back to it whenever you feel you’re convenient to do so.Read also: Disadvantages of Blogging For Students

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