How To Increase your Cell Phone Battery Life And Last Longer

Saving our battery is easy once we found out what makes our mobile battery to drain faster. A Friend once asked me Tuham, how can i extend my mobile battery life after its been fully charged: because i notice the battery do drains faster than normal“. I explain to him Tips on how todo it and below is the explanation:
Like i said ealier that before a battery usage time could be extended, we have to know what makes it drain faster. Here are some things i discovered:

BACKLIGHT: There is no way we could use our phone without backlight. Its like a light which shows something in the dark to make it visible. Yet its one of the factor that drain battery(especially when its set at the maximum brightness). Its advisable to reduce the battery.
MULTIMEDIA: Yeah:) Music, Videos, Radio…stuff like that. We all love to enjoy them. They can also be tamed to lower battery drainage by using “headset“ to listen to them instead of loudspeakers.
SURFING NET: Some phones e.g blackberry is at their battery weakest point when on the net especially when the 3G Feature is enabled. To lower the drainage,simply use 2G or normal network.

I hope this tips helps. Do not feel reluctant to share your own way of increasing your battery life-span

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