Linkbuilding: What It is and How It works.

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Linkbuilding means the development of your website or blog links within or outside your blog. It plays a vital role when it comes to SEO, Not only that it attracts more visitors to your blog but it also increases its visibility on search engines.

How Do I Build My Blog Link?

Like i said earlier in the definition of linkbuilding, you can build your link Internally(within your blog) or Externally(outside your blog).
Internal Linkbuilding : This is the act of building link within your blog that is when you inserts a link of a previous post in a new post. Example: You wanted to publish a new post about facebook, you can Insert a link of a previous post on facebook to the new post.

External Linkbuilding: This simply means when you build your link on another blog(outside your blog). This can be through Blog Commenting with your Name, Guest Posting, Advertisement, or Reciprocating Link.

Does Linkbuilding Has An Adverse Effect?

In my own opinion, No negative effect. But however when it comes to blog commenting, you must be moderate as you might be tag spammer when you drop links not related to someone’s blog.
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  1. Samuel, a Link is said to be reciprocating when its linked to each other of two blogs.

    Example you posted a link of your friend's website on your blog and also your friend posted the link of your blog on his website. That is called Reciprocating Links

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