How To Use The New Gutenberg WordPress Block Editor (Video Tutorial)

WordPress Gutenberg is a whole new way to use the Editor for writing and publishing article on your WordPress Powered website. The Gutenberg editing experience was built for media rich pages and posts. However a lot of WordPress users find it a little bit difficult hence many decided to stick with the Old Classic editor and disable the Gutenberg new editor.

WordPress Gutenberg Tutorial

WordPress Gutenberg vs Classic Editor (Video)

There is an huge gap between the Gutenberg WordPress Editor and the Classic Editor simply because of the tools they both had. While one has a lot of rich tools to enhance your article, the other consists majorly of simple tools to write your article in a generic way.

You can watch the video below to see the difference between the two editor – that is; classic and gutenberg editor

Learn Gutenberg WordPress Tutorial (Video)

While there have been several articles online about how to use the Gutenberg editor, we decided to pull this video for you to best learn it. Watch the VIDEO below to learn how to use it

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