How to Launch a Free WordPress Test Site in Seconds

Creating and launching a free WordPress test site has never been as simple and quick as it is now with TasteWP, a platform where you can get a free WordPress instance even without signing up.

Every now and then, There has always been a need for testing sites: for staging purposes, plugin and theme checks, WordPress learning, and other purposes. And for quite some time, solutions that provide WordPress test sites have been out there, but right now TasteWP seems like the easy pick due to its simplicity, quickness, and reliability.

launch a free WordPress test site

What is TasteWP?

TasteWP is a free service that generates WordPress instances that can be used as staging sites or testing grounds for various purposes. The main feature is the simple and fast generation of the WordPress sandbox environment, without any hassle.

Two clicks and a few seconds is all it takes for a site visitor to get the first site created and ready to do with it whatever it pleases. It can hardly get any more straightforward – and faster than that. Registering on TasteWP is free and worth your minute, as it will significantly expand the available set of features and your usage limits.

For registered users, TasteWP provides up to 6 active test sites, that have a life span of 7 days. Each test site can be converted to a premium site, which then doesn’t have the expiry timer, and it has maximum space increased from 1GB to 25GB.

Fresh visitors who land on TasteWP will notice that it welcomes them in the language that matches the one selected in their browsers. That is if the language is among one of 20 supported. Test sites are also created in the matching language, but users can change that.

What features does TasteWP offer?

The Advanced Setup screen opens a set of options for the new site creation. On this screen, users can designate a particular version of WordPress and PHP that will be used for the site, define Advanced WP Configuration, select pre-installed plugins and themes, and decide if the site will be multisite.

At the bottom of this screen, users have the option to give the test site a custom name, and if not, a randomly generated funny name will be given automatically.

Site Manager within TasteWP Dashboard gives you a clear overview of the active sites under your account. For each site, you can see the disk usage, time left before they expire, and WP and PHP versions.

Actions for each test site include a fast jump to the site’s admin area, password reset, disabling all plugins, downloading debug log, changing PHP version on the go, deleting the site, and converting the standard site to a premium one.

TasteWP Site Manager - Launch free WOrdPress Test site

Site Templates section offers users to generate a single link that will install a pre-defined group of up to five plugins, a theme, and a set of Advanced WP Config options. Generated Site Template links can be shared and used by everyone.

During the template creation, you can search through all free plugins and themes from the official WordPress repository, but you can also upload a custom plugin or a theme. Developers use this feature to share plugin demo links with their prospects.

Advanced plugin demos can be thus created this way, with some additional content or pre-set configuration sets, with the help of additional custom plugins used. But this might be more useful for plugin developers. For other WordPress users, there are simpler ways to demo plugins.

Simple plugin demos can be launched directly from any plugin’s respective page within the official WordPress repository. You can do this with one click if you add TasteWP’s magic bookmark to the bookmark toolbar within your browser.

Launch a free WordPress Test Site for plugins and themes “quickly”

The other way for a quick demo is to edit the URL on the plugin’s page and swap “WordPress” with “tastewp”, and hit Enter. A fresh WordPress instance will then be created with the specific plugin already installed on it. Magic bookmark basically does the same but saves you from typing.

For one example; If you want to check out how the Rank Math SEO plugin works, edit into and hit Enter. In just a couple of seconds, the new WordPress test site with the Rank Math SEO plugin will be launched and you will be taken to its menu page.

Another example: The link will create the WordPress instance with the Astra theme and four complimentary plugins for this theme. Users of the link will also be redirected directly to Astra’s menu page.

003 TasteWP Site Templates

Who is TasteWP for?

TasteWP is an equally valuable service for experienced WordPress developers and the ones that are just starting to learn WordPress. Teachers and students are already using TasteWP, as it is especially convenient for online courses, where they can share access to each other’s sites.

WordPress QA Tester – Launch a free WordPress Test Site

Testing various WordPress plugins without the fuss is the most commonly used TasteWP feature, as most WordPress site owners don’t want to bring unnecessary data tables to their sites just because of the simple quick plugin checking outs.

WordPress Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs who are just about to start building a new website, and want to pick the ideal WordPress theme, will have a lot of shiny new themes thrown in front of them to pick. Yet not many of the themes offer back-end demos where users can check how it really feels to tweak and adjust them. This is where TasteWP also comes in handy.

WordPress Developers

Developers that are building sites from scratch can also use TasteWP as the construction area, and move it to the live site once it is ready to be deployed.

WordPress Site Owners can use it to Launch a free WordPress Test Site

WordPress site owners that have their sites operating with older versions of plugins, themes, page builders, and WordPress in general, know well how compatibility risk is increasing over time, therefore they use TasteWP for staging environments and conducting changes there first.

How does TasteWP compare to other WordPress sandbox solutions?

Local WordPress sandbox environments used to be most common, and they are still used, most notably DevKinsta. Some hard-core old-school developers are also prone to set up their WordPress test sites completely manually.

This however takes a significant amount of time and resources. Plus, with an increasingly more percentage of software working as a service, that requires a non-stop internet connection, this system is becoming obsolete fast.

Regarding similar online services, InstaWP is comparably fast, but as of today (August 2022), a free account there provides significantly less space and a shorter life span for the launch of free WordPress test sites.


With the number of features that it has to offer for free, TasteWP seems like the obvious choice to pick in the category of WordPress sandbox solutions to launch a free WordPress test site. Its fantastic speed, along with the elegant design and clear interface is what makes it slick.

What use you will make of it is entirely up to you. All it takes is two clicks to launch a free WordPress test site using TasteWP, so go ahead and taste it.

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