– Lagos State Map AI For Directions in Lagos is an AI lagos state map direction service that makes it easier for you to get around lagos easily.

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The AI service acts like a live chat and works in such a super sleek way so as to make it easier for people in Lagos to discover places whereby they are going to. Also; how they are going to reach there and the Transportation Estimate are calculated.

For instance; if you are currently in Obalende and going for an outing to Surulere but do not know which bus to take nor how much the transportation fees is gonna cost you to move from your current place to your destination.

How Do I Use Lara.Ng Lagos State Map AI To Locate places In Lagos, Nigeria

It is lot more and pretty easy to use to locate places and how to get there. Futhermore; you do not need to install any app on your smartphone nor software on your PC.

All you need is just an internet connection and a working device, and then follow the simple steps listed below;

Step 1:    With these two; then simply type in your browser and hit GO!

Step 2:    A green beautiful interface like that of whatsapp will be displayed. Now type in where you are to where you’d like to go

       e.g Obalende to Surulere

Step 3:    A prompt instruction will then be shown to you consisting of instructions on how to get there. These instructions include getting a commuter to use, how much the commuter is likely to cost you and etc. ai lagos state map direction
Obalende to Surulere direction

Is Free to Use or Does it Attract a Certain Fee?

As at the time of writing of this article; is absolutely free to use. That is; you can use for locations at no cost for you.

       No setup fee

Attracts no monthly fee

No usage fee

Aboslutely free!

With just your smartphone and a working internet connection, you are good to access anywhere and anytime of the day!

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