Solution To Laptop Making Whirring Loud Noise On Startup

If you notice your laptop making loud strange noise whenever you power on and have tried different methods like restarting your PC several times or removing the battery in which it still doesn’t stop, this simple tip you’re about to read on this post would definitely

How i got to discover the problem of loud whirring startup sound was from the PC i mentioned here about the laptop on-board keyboard not working in which Whenever the PC is turned on, it would gave a loud noise on startup so much that i would had no choice than to instantly shut it down!
  After trying basic tips for troubleshooting a PC and even digging out search engines for some possible solutions, i eventually found the solution through a YouTube video

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 How To Fix Laptop Making Loud Noise On Startup

While there might be some other possible causes for this trouble, turns out it was usually a fault from the on-board laptop keyboard.
  And all you need to buy 10 online do is plug a USB external keyboard with your laptop and you’ll discover the whirring loud laptop noise on startup would stop!

You can check the Youtube video below for the LIVE solution

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