How To Find Latest Job Vacancies Via Facebook Lite App

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Have you been looking for the latest job vacancies around you but can’t find one? Here on this article; you’ll be able to find out how you can discover latest job vacancies nearby you on facebook.


Facebook is a popular social network for connecting and interacting with people from all over the world. However the blue social network is more than just catching fun; you can use it to build your business using Facebook Chatbot, Setup a Group for Like-Minded people; Create Fanpage, and more exciting features.

One of the amazing features is that; you can actually find latest job vacancies directly from Facebook without Joining any Group or Facebook Page.

The interesting part is; Job Vacancies are Updated daily and you can select from your preferred job on the list

How To Find Latest Job Vacancies Nearby You On Facebook

#1. Goto or better yet; Use the Facebook Lite App

#2. Sign in to your Facebook Account

#3. At the top right section of your Timeline; click on the Toggle Section

#4. From that section; you’ll be able to see lists like (Pages, Videos on Watch, Games, Jobs, etc)

#5. Now click on Jobs

#6. Select Jobs you’d like to choose and click on Apply!

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And you’re good to go! You can also watch the videos below to better understand the whole process

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