How To Retrieve Your Hacked 2go Account Back

With the recent re-occuring event of account being hijacked, here is a post for you if you’ve fall victim of it”. Before i continue,you might want to read How to Retrieve your 2go password for free!
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Recently when i log in to my 2go account, i found out that 2 or more 2go account of my friendlist has been hijacked!. The Perpetrator after Doing this would now change the victim’s stats to something like this “This 2go account has been hijacked by (name) and the owner of the account should call 080xxxxxxxx or text a Recharge card of #200 or more to this number! when i noticed this, i felt somehow because our “cyber-knowledge” are supposed to be used in a good way and not otherwise!
How To Change Your 2go Mobile Number.

Then in a determined attempt to help those who have fall victim,have found solution in which it will cost you only #30.
don’t misquote me,am not the one to deduct that #30…the credit is for Retrieving your password and afterall that is better than sending Recharge card to that hacker.

NOW to Retrieve your password,make sure the Number you used to Register that 2go account is with you and is online that is ‘the sim is inside phone and the phone is on. Then on that sim,compose a Message with ‘2go pin’ and send it to 32120. Your password will be Reset and sent to you via msg…then the perpetrator will lose control of your account and you will now be able to be the owner of your account back.

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