Is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) really Worth It?

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If you’ve been contemplating as to whether you should be using AMP on your site or not; this article answers the questions that Is AMP really worth it?

is AMP really worth it?

What is AMP?

Accelerated Mobile Pages is a feature that makes your website load 2x faster on mobile devices thus decreasing the page load time. While this might sounds super cool because of the lightweight features that the AMP has; it is indeed worth thinking over before integrating your site with it.

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AMP was initially and primarily designed for the big news websites so as to make it easier for site visitors to view the blog without getting distracted. For instance –  if a big website has a lot of gadgets, designs and elements on the PC view, the AMP mobile design will strip some of these elements in order to make the mobile UX lightweight.

Now the question which majority ponder as to whether to use the AMP feature is whether it plays a major role in the ranking factor of SEO and as well as have effect of one’s website.


Top 3 Effects of AMP on Websites

#1 SEO

Since speed is one of the ranking factor for SERPS SEO, AMP has been proven to play a significant role in improving the organic traffic of a website. While some webmasters said that AMP does not really increase organic search traffic; some said it does really help to improve their organic search traffic (according to Moz Article)


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#2 Speed

As earlier mentioned on Number #1; AMP really helped your site to load a lot more faster on mobile devices. It combine the use of technologies and removal of certain elements to load your site 2x or more faster.


#3 Monetization

If your site solely relies on Google Adsense or other PPC monetization; then you might notice a reduction in your earnings after installing AMP on your site. This is because AMP strives to reduce the number of elements a site load in order to make the website load faster hence the reduction on your earnings.


Is AMP really worth it?

The question as to whether you should use AMP on your site or not doesn’t yield a direct answer; the answer would rather be it depends on the site you are using as well as your monetization strategies. For website who soley rely on Adsense; then it might not be recommended to really use AMP because of their Revenue.

However if you own a big news website and really want your visitors to be able to load your website in an instant without waiting for a very long time; then you should use AMP for WP Plugin on your site.

Lastly; it all boil down to your personal opinion


What do you think about using AMP on a website? share your opinion below via the comment box

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      I also recommend the feature for news website who publish lots of content but its not advisable for every blog

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