Interesting:) Facebook Introduces The React Feature Button

Recently Facebook added a new feature to make the populous social networking site more interesting for its users.
This new development is known as the ‘React button’.

What is the Facebook React all about? – The feature which is similar to that of Twitter Favourite Button Changed To Like Button has an additional functions which allows users to express their Reactions on a facebook post.

For example; Before the development, you can only click on the ‘like button’ if you did like a Status on facebook. But now if you love a particular post, all you have todo is to simply click on the ‘React button’ and choose ‘Love’ from the options being listed.
Once you did this, a Love Icon would be displayed right beside the number statistics of the post.

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Futhermore, if you’re not happy with a post probably it contains a word which you do not like, you can buy next day delivery also show your expression on the post simply by clicking the ‘React’ button and select ‘angry’ from the options being listed.
Isn’t that interesting?

So, The ‘Ball’ of the new feature is in your court, you can play it as you like *winks*.

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