Intagme Alternative – Instagram Widget For Blogger and WordPress Blogs

Intagme is a widget that allows you to add Instagram photos to your website. This article is about Intagme alternative – The Instagram Widget For Blogger and WordPress Blogs since intagme is no longer working.

intagme alternative_ instagram widget for blogs

SnapWidget is an awesome intagme alternative which allows you to display Instagram Image on your Blogger and WordPress site. You can easily show Instagram Images on your website to increase your IG followers.

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How To Add Instagram Widget To Blogger and WordPress Blogs via SnapWidget – Intagme Alternative

With over 180,000 other websites using SnapWidget to showcase their content, you too can use snapwidget to embed photos to your website.

To get started;

  1.  Visit SnapWidget official Website and signup for free
  2. After successful registration, click on Instagram Widgets.
  3. Choose the type of Instagram widget that which you would like to be using.
  4. Enter the basic settings. (instagram username, display size, etc)
  5. Now click on Get Widget to get the code for the Instagram Widget.


Instagram Feed on Website Example

Below are examples of the type of Instagram widget that which you can create on your website using Snapwidget.


  • Grid Widget This Instagram Grid Widget is perfect for site footer and sidebar. You can use it to display photos from your instagram to your visitors for free


  • Scrolling Widget – This type of widget display photos feed in scrolling effect. It is perfect for use in the header or footer of your site.


  • Map Widget – This type of Widget helps you show Photos that you’ve taken from a particular geographical location. You can use it to showcase photos from a trip or holiday


  • Slideshow Widget – This Instagram type of Photo widget is one of the favorite for bloggers. It’s way more easier to configure and you can use it in your sidebar.


If you had any trouble setting them up, feel free to drop a comment ere

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