5 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness Through Digital Marketing

Have you been looking for a way to build your brand awareness or increase brand awareness online? In this article, you will get to discover 5 ways to increase your brand awareness through digital marketing.

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What is Brand Awareness and Why Is It Important

Brand Awareness is the extent to which customers are able to recall or recognize a brand under different conditions {Wikipedia}. In a simpler term, it is simply the means by which your customer or audience are able to identify your brand or how familiar your target audience is, with your brand.

Why Is Brand Awareness so Important?

If you have a product, offer a service, or own a brand, it is quite important that you get it in front of the people that are in dire need of it. Just like how promotion is important in blogging, increasing your brand awareness is more important as well.

There are many benefits to improving your brand awareness in which some of them are;

  • Scalability to new Places thus gaining new Audiences
  • Increase in Sales/Ability to Sell More
  • Trust
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Increase in CTR and Conversion Rates
  • And lots more

The list is endless when it comes to the importance of brand awareness. However, some of the most notable ones have been mentioned earlier.

How To Increase Your Brand Awareness

There are several ways you can create Brand Awareness which can be classified majorly into offline and online means. In this article, we will be taking a look at the online ways to improve your brand awareness.

5 Ways of Increasing Brand Awareness Through Digital Marketing

Below, you will find the most popular ways of increasing your brand awareness through digital marketing.

Using a Website to Increase Brand Awareness

A website is by far the most independent, reliable, and fast-track means of starting and building an online presence for your brand.

While other platforms allow you to set up your brand online presence, they can be a bit distracting by luring your target audience from your profile to another competitor’s brand – whether consciously or unconsciously.

Take a look at the below example when I search for NIKE on Google:

The above image results show NIKE Business profile as well as what other people are searching for (which is likely to be Nike’s competitor).

On the other hand, having a website for your brand improves your CTR by only showcasing products, services, and offers about your brand – without distraction.

Other benefits include owning your platform and not having to worry about your brand social media account being banned – for no reason.

Blogging about your Brand to Educate your Audience

If you own a brand, chances are your target audience would like to know more about what it is you do, how you do it, behind the scenes, product release offers, and lots more.

Having a blog integrated into your brand/business website gives you the flexibility to talk about your business, product releases, and more – thereby building trust and loyalty.

Some of the top brands in the world taking advantage of blogging and news to educate their audience are the Facebook News for Meta and Adobe Blog for Adobe

Increase Brand Awareness using Social Media

Social media are interactive digital channels that facilitate the creation and sharing of information, ideas, interests, and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks{Wikipedia}.

They are also one of the most popular and easiest ways to get people to start talking about your brand. To make it easier for monitoring and manage your brand’s social media profile, you can take advantage of social media tools like statusbrew to grow your business.

To get started in using Social Media, you will need to have a decent logo, cover photo, short description of your brand, and some other details.

It is also essential to have a social media content calendar for your social media posts so as to stay organized and save yourself from running out of what to post on your social platforms.

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Using Directory Listing to List your Business/Brand

A directory listing is a local business listing that includes your NAP (name, address, and phone number), along with some other information that can be very important to the success of your local SEO. {Knowmap}

Having your brand listed on a popular directory listing such as Google my Business, Yelp, Linkedin business directory, Facebook, etc will go a long way to increase your brand awareness.

Using Google My Business To Increase Your Brand Awareness

Google My Business (known as GMB for short) is a free web tool by Google, whose goal is to help local businesses achieve higher visibility on Google Search.

One of the amazing things about GMB is that; it works for both Brick and mortar businesses as well as home-based businesses.

Having your brand listed on GMB help to increase your brand visibility on search engines, strengthen your online reputation, builds brand authority, and generate leads for your business.

You can get started by visiting the Google My Business homepage.

Conclusion on Increasing your Brand Awareness

It is very important to define your brand, products, services, offers as well as identity before you start building an online presence for your brand/business. Having this foundation well layout will enable you to reach the right target audience for your business.

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