How To Increase Blog Traffic Using Social Media Via Buffer

As a blogger, you must have read online and found out that there are so many ways to increase your blog’s traffic. In order not to feel overwhelmed with the numerous tips , i decided to write a post on it and mentioned 5 of the proven methods to increase your blog’s traffic for free! 

       However today, am streamlining things and focusing on the social media part that is; In one word, i’ll be sharing with you how to use social media to increase your blog’s traffic via Buffer.

Buffer is a social media platform designed to manage multiple social accounts, and also provide options for users to schedule posts to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etcetera. Having used Buffer for some time, i discovered the social platform is amazing and has lots of features that made it easier to share on social media.

 You can also Read Wikipedia’s Post on Buffer Application Here

   Now that you’ve knew what buffer is, let’s dive to how you can register with Buffer and use it

How To Sign up For Buffer

  • Now click on ‘Get Started For Free‘ 
  • You can choose to either register via social media accounts (facebook, twitter or linkedin) or You can also use your email to sign up INSTEAD
  • Having signed in successfully, now connect the social accounts you would like to share your posts to, from your buffer dashboard.
  • Once that is done, you’re now good to go but one more step.. 

    Once you’ve registered with buffer, then you can start using it to promote your posts via your social media accounts connected to it. Doing this will increase the engagement with your social media audience and thus increase your blog’s traffic.

      How To Start Using Buffer To Share Your Posts

      • Sign in to your account 
      • Click on ‘compose’  or the ‘pencil-like’  icon
      • You’ll be provided with a box where you’re going to write your post snippet and also the link. 
      • At the below right are some icons, click on the image icon to include the picture you want cheap tadalafil australia to share with the snippet. 
      • Once that’s done, you can now SHARE your post INSTANTLY or SCHEDULING it to some other time.

           Bonus Tip: Before Sharing your posts, Below are the Dos and Don’ts From My Experience so you can get the right results.

        THE 3 MAJOR DOS
        1. Do ensure you’re sharing a text snippet which describe what readers are going to find in the full post of the link
        2. Do include an image in the post you’re about to send.  Pictures makes the post speak better
        3. Do try to include an hashtag (shouldn’t be much) related to the post so that the post can travel far on the social platform

        Intermission: 3 Wrong Ways Of Using Social Media, Are You Guilty?

         THE 3 MAJOR DON’TS
        1. Don’t overshare updates so your blog’s profile won’t bore your social subscribers
        2. Don’t share a wrong snippet just because you wanted readers to click your link. This will made them lose trust in your site
        3. Dont include a misleading Image or an inappropriate one. 

        Follow this step-by-step easy instructions and you’ll be amazed at the positive result.
         It works for me, why won’t it work for you too?

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