How To Use Computer Without Keyboard & Mouse

With the invention of a Personal Computer, the world has not only become more connected but also most herculean tasks can now be effectively done  with easier efforts. And as regards that of PC, do you know that there are some functionalities that could make the operational use of it lots more fun and easier that which some of us are not aware of today?
    On this article, we’d be sharing some of the hidden functionalities with you beginning with: Using Your PC without a Keyboard and a Mouse!

Table of Contents

0. Introduction
1 – Is it Possible To Use a PC Without Keyboard and Mouse
2.1 – How Do I Use My PC Without Keyboard and Mouse
2.2 – Using Your Computer without a Keyboard
2.3 – Using Your Computer without a Mouse

3. Conclusion

Way back in the earliest day of computers, it was not surprising that the computer users back then were only familiar with some key components of the PC and very few bothered themselves to explore some hidden functionalities that which might make their task lots more easier.

  Taking the Microsoft Operating System for instance;⇊
There are likely some PC users nowadays who might not be aware of the fact that 7 different people can use a SINGLE PC without interfering with one another file and settings.Wonder how that’s possible?
     It’s simply the use of “User Accounts” which can be found in the Control Panel Section of your computer operating system.

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But on this post we’re going to show you one of the amazing tips to use your PC and that is; how you can use your PC without a keyboard and a Mouse!

1. Is it Possible To Use a Computer Without A Keyboard and a Mouse?

I bet if someone told majority of us that we could use a computer without a keyboard and mouse, most of us would greatly disagree and say “that’s impossible” in which of course, online overnight theoretically, that cannot be possible. This is because for as long as we can remember, a keyboard and the mouse are two very important input devices for use with a computer.
        But today, we tell you it’s impossible and that any personal computer can do it!

2.1 How Do I Use Computer Without a Keyboard and Mouse?

It’s pretty easy as ABC.✔️
Simply follow the below steps;

2.2 How To Use Computer without a Keyboard

If you do not have a keyboard connected to your personal computer, you can simply use the On-board Screen-Keyboard  to operate your PC. To start using the on-screen keyboard, simply click on;
Start Menu >> All Programs >> Accessories >> Ease of Access >> On-Screen Keyboard

2.3 How To Use Your Computer Without a Mouse

The interesting part is since we know nothing can works without a mouse, even to use an on-screen keyboard requires a mouse. Then how is it possible to use your PC without a Mouse?
    You can use your PC without a mouse by using the Speech Recognition. You can setup the speech recognition via the below arrows;

Control Panel >> Ease of Access Center >> Use Computer Without Mouse >> Speech Recognition and follow the command prompts that follow

3. Conclusion
And there goes the tips on how you can use your PC without keyboard and Mouse. If you love this post, share with your friends checkout 8 Top Articles on Technology & Comouter You Shoudlnt’t Miss.

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