How To Use Whatsapp Application on Un-supported Phones.

Have you been trying to download whatsapp to your phone but doesn’t workout, maybe your device is not supported but do not worry as with this post you’ll be able to Use whatsapp application on your Unsupported phone.
The process is simple and easy. All you have todo is follow the below steps:
How To Use Whatsapp on Unsupported Phones
Step 1: Find a Phone that has whatsapp Installed on it.
Step 2: Insert your memory card into the phone.
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Step 3: Now scroll to the whatsapp application and copy it to your memory card.
Step 4: Once the copying is complete, remove the memory card and insert it back to your sim.
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Step 5: Now goto your memory card and lauch the application and there you’re good to go!

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