How To Upgrade Emporio Blogger Theme To The Latest Version

After the introduction of Blogger New Themes, most blogger users were excited as the new themes came with stylish and amazing features that made a blog looks more super cool. However with the advantages comes also the disadvantages in which one of them is “Adjusting the Width of Sidebar and Post Pages” easily on the Emporio Blogger templates!

Emporio_Blogger_Theme Live

       Many users were not happy with this and made complaint about it and fortunately, Blogger listened and finally added the option. When i read the post online about how to Adjust the width and sidebar of Emporio Blogger Theme, i was glad and dashed to my blogger dashboard to make changes but surprisingly i couldn’t find the option.
  Check the screenshot below (it ought to be at where the arrow is located):

    Since Ogbongeblog, the source where i read the post is a reputable source and doesn’t just publish unverified updates, i check the post again to ensure maybe i had made mistake somewhere. Then i saw the claim at the end of the post which states

NB: If it doesn’t work for you, that means you are using an old
Emporio Blogger theme
. Upgrade to the latest version of the Blogger
Emporio theme.

How Can I Upgrade the old Emporio Blogger theme to the Latest version of Blogger Emporio Theme?  

All you have to do is simply reapply the Emporio Blogger Theme! To do this, Click on Theme and choose the Emporio Theme from the list of themes displayed!
   By doing this, your theme would be automatically Upgraded from version 1.0.0 to 1.1.0 (See screenshot of the “Adjust Width option below)

Emporio Latest version

NB: Ensure you backup your blog’s template FIRST as you will lose your template’s customization when you do this! You can read How To Backup Your Blogger Templates and Widget Here
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