How To Transfer Money Online Instantly Using Debit Card via Quickteller

Whether you’ve been searching for how to send money online instantly, online money transfer from debit card, or how to send money online using your debit/credit cards, this post would definitely come handy for you.
Undoubtedly there would have been a time when you would want to transfer money from one bank to another but unfortunately you wouldn’t able to do so, due to some reasons like maybe bank location and bank working off-days.
However on this post, am going to share with you on how to transfer money from one bank account to another using the online method via QuickTeller!


QuickTeller is a website that allows you to BUY AIRTIME for your Network Provider, MAKE PAYMENTS, and SEND MONEY. It is an online platform that had been quite around for a long time and also being used by over large numbers of people.
The services offered by the website has lots of advantages which is majorly ability to make payments and buy airtime from the comfort of your house as long as you had a data enabled device but we’d be talking about sending money on this post!

So for those who also wants to send money from one bank to another, you don’t have to worry about the hassle of going to a bank which is NOT NEAR YOUR LOCATION likewise if its on a day that the bank does not open, you can count on QuickTeller to do whatever transaction you want to.
To cut the long story short, lets go to the main point and cut the icy part of the cake!

How To Send and Transfer Money Online Instantly, From One Bank To Another

=> Go to Quickteller Send Receive Money and click on Transfer to Account


If you already had an account with them, proceed to LOGIN. If you do not, you can register within few minutes.
Kindly note that for new registration, you’ll be required to enter the email or phone number of the person who referred you.

After signup and successful login, some boxes would be provided for you to input the details of your transfer. Fill in the details correctly and click “Continue” (check screenshot below)


The information you inputs earlier would be shown again, so you can cross-check to avoid error. If you’re sure of the info, click on the TRANSFER BUTTON (a convenience fee of #52.50 will be added as of June 2017)


Now proceed to the mode of payment for the money you are about to transfer.


Once you’re through with the payment procedure, the money would be transferred to the account you wanted it to be immediately!
Seems pretty easy and fast, isn’t it?
If you had any trouble doing this, don’t worry. You’re free to comment here and I’ll reply asap!
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  1. I tried transferring with my ATM card but it keeps requesting for OTP saying my card has not been registered.
    how do i go about it?

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