3 Easier Ways You Can Stop Social Media Addiction

Do you want to stop Social Media Addiction and break free from being addicted to Social Media? Here’s how to;)

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It is not uncommon to find out that some people had the habit of using any internet connected device they lay their hands on – be it from a friend, strangers or acquaintances JUST to check what’s going on Social Media.

Although if it’s for official reasons like maybe Educational, Business, or some VIP purposes, it ain’t a bad idea to check your social media accounts constantly but if it is none of that, then you should consider taking preventive measures as that is a sign of social media addiction!

Previously on NetSocialBlog, i shared an article on How To Know If You Are Addicted To Social Media but today, we shall be sharing tips on how to solve social media addiction.

3 Ways To Stop Social Media Addiction

1. Use An Odd Password

If you find yourself eager to login to social network on any device connected to Internet, then this No 1 tip is highly recommended for you. This is because when you use an easier to remember password, it would be easier for you to login to your social media accounts on any device you came across but reverse is the case when you use an odd password.
Example of an easier password is – [password1234] whilst that of an odd password is – [1pwd3sor2as4]
After changing your password to an Odd password, write it on a sheet of paper and keep it in a place out of reach that is; a place that would require efforts before getting it.

2. Unclick the “Remember Password”

By unclicking the “remember me box” for your social media account, the browser won’t save your login details.Hence whenever you want to login some other time, you’ll be required to provide your login details.

Since you had already followed tip “Number One”, having to login back again and providing your passkey would be a pain in the neck hence you’d be reluctant to visit social media frequently.

3. Disable Social Media Notifications

Most smartphones like android got notifications feature which notifies the user about updates on social networks. Constant notifications from social media would want to entice you into checking your social media timeline frequently and that is why you needed to disable the “notifications feature” if you found out you’re getting addicted to it.

Now you see?
It’s easier to stop yourself from Social Media

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