Social Media Addiction: 3 Easy Ways To Break Fast and Free

Have you been wondering how to break free from Social Media Addiction but do not know where to go from? This article will help you make the decision

Break free from social media addiction

What is Social Media Addiction

Social Media addiction is simply the effect of being overly concerned with using social media most especially for lesser important tasks.

How to know If you have a Social Media Addiction

While Social Media Addiction is of varying degrees. One way to know if you are addicted to using Social Media is when a user develops an uncontrollable urge to log in or use social media.

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3 Ways to Stop Social Media Addiction

1. Use An Odd Password

If you always find yourself eager to log in to social networks on your device, this first tip would come in handy – most especially if it requires having you enter your password.
When you use an easier-to-remember password, logging into your social media accounts becomes easier while the reverse is the case if you should use an odd password.

For illustrative purposes, an example of an easy password would be – [password1234] whilst that of an odd password is – [1pwd3sor2as4]

After changing your password to an Odd password, then write it on a sheet of paper and keep it in a place out of reach. This would ensure there is a certain level of effort required before accessing the password to your social media account

2. Uncheck the “Remember Password

Unchecking the “remember me” checkbox on the social media login page implies you’d have to manually click on login when next you are about to access a social media feed.

Since you had already followed the previous tip of having a unique Odd number, having to provide your passkey would be a pain in the neck – hence you’d be reluctant to visit social media frequently.

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3. Disable Social Media Notifications

Smartphones are designed with a notifications feature that notifies a user about updates on their respective devices – including updates from social networks.
If you are addicted to social media and easily distracted, constant notifications from such social media platforms would want to entice you into checking your social media timeline frequently.

By disabling social media notifications, you would be minimizing the chances of having frequent use of social media platforms.

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