How to Solve “Invalid Jar File“ on Samsungchat22

In my previous post on SamsungChat22, i explained on How to Fix Jar-File over Max on your mobile. After posting it, someone asked me “what if it says Invalid jar file“?.

Actually when trying to download an unsupported app, you‘re likely to receive an “invalid error“. Using Whatsapp as an example; You will definitely receive an error `downloaded jar invalid` because you cannot really download WhatsApp in your Samsung Chat22 simply because your mobile handset belongs to the unsupported devices for the messenger application.
Furthermore“invalid jar file“ error might also be caused by
i. Corrupt installation Files
ii. Download doesn`t Finish properly
iii. Incompatibility due to screen size
The jar file screen size might not match your device. So what you have to do is try to look for another source to download it on another device and just transfer it to your phone. But make sure that the application you download matches your phones specs like which is very important for .jar files since some of them don`t auto re-size. For your phone Samsung Chat 222the screen size is 220×176, so you want to download applications with that screen size.( wapdam do automatically selects your phone app for you).

i hope this tutorial helps. feel free to drop any related issue in the comment box

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