Solution For Android Phone Not Showing Sim Contacts

If you have an android mobile phone not showing sim contacts, this post is going to be helpful for you as it would show you alternate solution for an android mobile phone which is not displaying sim contacts!
Truly, Android mobile technology had come a long way- from Android 4 KitKat to the latest as of JUNE 2017, which is Android 7 Nougat in which with every newer operating system comes new feature to make operation easy for android users!


But right here, you’ll discover a solution to common problem which is how you
can resolve the SIM Contacts not showing on your Android Mobile device
USING another Mobile device.

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Solution To Android Phone Not Showing/Displaying Sim Contacts

1. Insert Your SIM to another Android Mobile Device (5.0 or higher)

2. Wait for few minutes for your sim contacts to be displayed on the device’s phone-book

3. Then click on ‘the three dots’ (at the top right side) to access menu

4. Now Scroll down to Import/Export and click on Export (SIM’s Contacts) to internal storage

5. Once the exportation had completed, the file would be saved in .vcf format

6. All you need now to do is Send the .Vcf file to your Android phone.

7. LAST STEP: Open the file and all your SIM Contacts would be automatically imported to your phone-book!

Sounds pretty easy, huh?
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