How To Search for People on facebook via Mobile Number.

Facebook Search is a feature which allow user to search for Persons, pages, groups, events and lots more on the social network platform. The fb search allow user to get easily connected to each other as this was what Mark Zuckerberg said is the main reason why he build facebook. This leads to the facebook slogan which is “Making the world more open and Connected”.
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Even though the populous & best way people do search is by typing the Name of what they’re searching for in the Search box located at either the top of facebook or the bottom of it. I would like to mention how to search people by MOBILE NUMBER on this post.
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Searching people by Names could be tedious sometimes as that person might not use the name you think as his/her profile name on facebook. With search by mobile number, it will point you directly to the person real profile. To add person by Mobile number, follow either of the 2 options below

Option 1: (with Application)
* Download Facebook Application for your device.
* Login with your username and password
* Scroll to Find friends
* Click on find friend by Mobile Number. Input the person number and click on search

Option 2(Without Application):
This option is best for fb users who are unable to download the facebook app to your phone. Simply follow the below steps
* Visit
* Input the person’s(you wanted to search for) Mobile Number in the Search box
* do not forget to add the country code before the number e.g 234 for Nigeria

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