How To Save A Document On An Online Storage Using Email

An electronic mail known as e-mail is a medium used for receiving & sending messages on the internet. This form of communication had made interaction more easier, as unlike an SMS, it can have an attachment like pictures in its content.

But what if i told you there is MORE to an email than just to send and receive message? I mean something MORE like using it as an ONLINE STORAGE.

Online Storage can be regards to an e-store where you can save your data for future use and It is more or less of an offline storage like an hard-disk space on a PC, as they both worked similarly except some few differences.

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However One of the biggest advantage of an online storage is the easier accessibilty from wherever you are, Unlike an offline storage which requires you to take the storage device with you anywhere you go.

Right here on this blogpost, i would be discussing on how you can you save your document(probably your CV or any important doc) on Online Storage using your email.

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Todo this;

  • Login to your Mail and Click on Compose.
  • Make The Subject of The Email as The Title of the Document(so as to easily remember next time).
    e.g MY Curriculum Vitae
  • Upload the document by attaching it
  • Once you’ve done the above process successfully, now send it to your other email (if you’re using two mails)
  • OR;

  • Send it to your Self-email (if you’re using ONE email)
  • And There You Go!

You can now access your documents anytime, anyday, wherever and whenever.

NOTE: This post was intended to aid those who might want to access an important document without having an offline storage device(especially a friend of mine who asked for it).
Hence this info shouldn’t be used in a way that Violates the Email Service Provider Terms Of Service.

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