How To Receive Call From Different Lines On A Single Phone.

This handy mobile tip am about to share with you was discovered when i wanted to remove my etisalat sim from my phone temporarily for glo because of a specific task which can only be done on the glo line at that moment. Presently the etisalat is my main sim so i was like how will i make my line ‘reachable’ for people that might wants to call me on the line?
If i asked for your advice, it would have simply be the same answer of what Alli Abiola of told me which is i should insert the main sim into another phone whilst i use the glo on a seperate phone too. Though its really a good idea but the thing is, it can only work for people that are using 2 mobile phones or a dual-sim one in which am not either of the category mentioned above;)
Luckily i was able to find a shortcut and this was how am able to do it.

I just apply the Law of Redirection formulated by me which states that “If two or more things are to work as one; we have to incorporate co-operation amongst them thus making it possible to join forces with the other or one another, thereby allowing them to function as ‘One”. .
This Law was also the one i used to explain earlier as the way to link custom domains to each other.
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Don’t get bored nor confused by the law i expatiate above as “your not knowing it” doesn’t mean you won’t be able to do it, Now Lets go.

How To Receive Calls From Different Lines On A Single Sim.

  • Step #1: Insert the Sim you want to Receive Call From into your Phone and Switch on your Phone.
  • Step #2: Goto the following options on your phone as indicated by the arrow. Press Menu >> Settings >> Call Settings >> Call Divert >> Voice Calls >> All Voice Calls.
  • Step #3: Once you’re there(i mean the All Voice Calls), Press “Activate” and Input the number you want to Redirect the number to, Then Click on “Okay”.
  • => If it is more than a sim, simply Repeat the Above Steps For them.

  • Step #4:Now Insert the
    Sim you redirect all number to and Enjoy Receiving Calls From Different Lines!

    Note: This tutorial is best good-use for a short period of time and for people who find themselves unknowingly using two sims with a single Phone.
    Enjoy and Do Share with Friends too!

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