How To Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Facebook Fanpage

Recently i made some experimentation using Netsocialblog Social Network profiles for contents promotion to see how things will goes, and the result was pretty good, with 40% increase in Blog Traffic.
Although the process includes both NSB social profiles that is the facebook fanpage and twitter handle, but i did use another method which involves ONLY Netsocialblog FACEBOOK FANPAGE thus making the work LOTS more EASIER.
In this post i’ll be showing how you too can do it with just 3 Simple Steps! Who knows, yours might surpass that of my own 40% 😉 Are we set?

  1. Connecting the Facebook Fanpage To Twitter – This is the first and foremost as doing so makes the work EASIER likewise making your post spread WIDER.
    To see how you can do this, read how to Automatically Posts Facebook Fanpage To Twitter for detailed info.
  2. Posting A Short Snippet With Hashtag – Having Done No #1, the next thing is updating posts on your fanpage. However unlike just updating only LINKS, i recommend you include in your post a SHORT SNIPPET of what the LINK is all about before sharing it. Do Notice the Capitalized word “Short Snippet”, remember Twitter will partake in the share of the status, and the fact still remains that it supports only few CHARACTERS.

    Additionally do Include Hashtag into the Main Keyword for wider coverage. To understand how to use the hashtag, checkout the LAST METHOD mentioned in 5 Proven Methods To Increase Traffic which is the fifth method.

  3. Posting In Regular Interval – Now that you’ve gone through No #1 and #2 successfully, the next step is Consistency which am really really guilty of, except on the first day of experimentation;) Posting at Regular Interval means you shouldn’t be too FAST nor too SLOW in sharing posts on your FACEBOOK FANPAGE.
    4 status a day

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