How To Hide Your Friend List From Public on Facebook.

In the previous post on how to hide whatsapp profile, it was mentioned how online privacy is very important so as to prevent oneself from the ugly effects of social network. Did i hear you ask if social network has an ugly effect on its user? Of course it does if you’re using it in the wrong way.

Fast forward to the main reason why this post was created on how to hide a facebook friends list. I guess you would want to ask if its necessary to hide your friend list?

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Well it depends. If you noticed someone is stalking [spying] on your facebook profile unnecessarily or your friend told you that someone is pestering him/her and that the person got to add him/her through you, you’re going to find this post handy.

Despite the advantages of facebook which includes but not limited to ; connecting with friends and meeting new ones, bloggers sharing post from their blog to facebook, using it to backup photos, sharing and discusing useful topic, storing useful info in Notepad and More, there is still the need to be very careful with the data and info we shared publicily online so as to prevent future unwanted situation. Now lets set to biz.
Hiding your friends gives you the ability to set the privacy to either public or private. This setting enables you to choose with whom you wishes to share your friend lists with. Below are DIY steps on how-to do it;

How To Hide Your Facebook Friend List.

  • Goto and click on your Profile.
  • Move the cursor to the “Friends” Tab and Click on It.
  • On top of your friends list, you’ll see a text with “Who can see your Friend List” . In front of it is the settings applied last [Click on it]
  • You’ll be provided to share your friend list with “Only Me, Friends and Public”.
  • Choose
    Only Me – No-one except you will be able to see your friend list.
    Friends – Only those who had you as their friend would be able to view your friend list.
    Public – Everyone including visitors will be able to view your friend list.
    Select the one that suits you and it will be applied!

Have fun;)
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