How You Can Get Prepared For Exams and Admission.

With Post-utme and admission processing on its way, Netsocialblog had organized some tips that will get you prepared for your school of choice post-utme & admission.

Tips on How To Get Prepared for Post-utme & Admission

  • #1 – Know Yourself and The School You Choose: Both words might sounds contrary to each other because your answer (if i guess) will simply be ‘Oh Yes! I know my Name and Of Course i choose University of Tuham as my School so i think i also knew the school i choose!
    Knowing Yourself simply means knowing your Jamb score to target the school you will choose so as to avoid the mistake of making a wrong choice. For example if your score is 180, you should made thorough Research on the school you choose/about to change to concerning their jamb cut-off mark in the previous years and this current year. Some University cut-off marks can be found at the awanetmobile Educative apps store.
  • #2 – Stay Updated: After #1, the next thing for you is to stay updated to latest information concerning your school of choice. This can be done by using Google Search Engine or adding the official website of your school of choice to your bookmark. You can also join an educative forum like to meet other like-minded aspirants.
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  • #3 – Get Your Documents Ready: The word ‘documents’ doesn’t mean only your O level and Jamb Result although they form part of it, there are some other documents you should also have at your disposal in which you’re going to need during your time of admission. For a full list of them, Read 7 Best documents to have before gainning admission.
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  • #4 Read, Read and Read: “When the examination line is drawn, the students hope for the best but must prepare for the worst” Though over-reading is not advisable as it might cause congestion in the brain in which there may be difficulty in retainning what one read, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t read at all.
    Remember the more you read, the more you learn and the more you learn, the easier it becomes. You can get some educative applications at awanetmobile App stores.

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  1. This post needs to go viral, because it seems education is unwinding as this young chaps don't study or get prepared. They need to comply with #4 Read, Read and Read. Thanks for sharing.

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