How To Easily Translate Text from Image ( Works for Mobile & PC)

Ever wanted to translate text from an Image or Picture but do not know how to? This article will show you how to translate text from images easily online using either your mobile device or PC.

How To Translate Text from Image - NetSocialBlog

If you have been wondering how you can translate a screenshot or asking questions such as; How can I translate text from an Image, this article will show you how to translate text from an Image using a powerful easy Online Tool.

How To Translate Text to English Online

Earlier on NetSocialBlog, we wrote an article on how to use a tool by the world’s most popular search engine called Google Translate to translate a text from one language to another. You might want to read the article here.

However, what if you rather wanted to translate text from a picture instead? Even though translating images can be a little bit tricky, we would show you how to easily translate images online.

Continue reading below to find out how 🙂

What Information Do You Need To Translate an Image

To translate TEXT in Image Online, all you have to do is upload your desired picture online using the Online tool we’re about to show you. Here’s an example of a translated Image from English to French.

heart touching humanity imagesheart touching humanity images.translated

As a recap; the information you need to translate an Image online is;

a. Your desire Image
b. Online tool for Translating text on Image (we’ll show you this soon)

How To Translate Text from Image
How To Translate Text on an Image

Step 1: Visit Yandex Translate

Step 2: Select the Language of the text on the image you want to download

Step 3: Choose Language you want to translate to.

Step 4: Now select or drag the Image you want to translate text

See the picture below for a visual guide

Translate Text from Image or Translate Text on an Image using Yandex Translate
Yandex Image Translate


And that goes how to easily translate text from an Image using the Yandex Translate tool. While there might be several other tools that you could use, we found out this particular tool seems to be pretty easier and friendly for – even beginners to use.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask them by using the comment box below.

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