8 Awesome Ways To Customize Emporio Blogger Theme

If you are rocking the Emporio Template Blogger on your blog, i’ll be sharing with you tutorials on how to customize the Emporio Blogger Theme to make it look more awesome.

Eversince the Blogger Platform was launched in August 23 1999, The Emporio Blogger Template is undoubtedly one of the best new blogger themes the Platform had ever released in the course of its history because of the uniqueness and awesome design.

Design EMPORIO BLOGGER THEME www.netsocialblog.com

Perhaps this could be because the Blogger Emporio Template had advanced functionalities and sleek design. However if you are not so that familiar with this Theme before, you can check all of the Emporio Theme Super Features Here.

For those who are currently using the theme or just about to give it a try, below are some ways to customize it.

Top 8 Ways To Customize Emporio Blogger Theme

1. Adding Related Posts Widget To Emporio Blogger Theme

One of the best way to reduce bounce rate on your site is Related Post Widgets. Related Post Widget helps your audience to discover other interesting article from your blog that which they might like.

Since the Emporio theme does not come by default with Related Posts Widget, you can find how to add Related Posts Widget To Emporio Theme here.

2. Grid Layout of Emporio Theme

The interesting part of this theme is you can easily design the homepage to appear in form of Grid Layout or List Layout. By Default, the theme is in Grid Layout hence you need not to adjust anything. Checkout the Example of an Emporio Theme in Grid Layout Here

3. List Layout


Would you like to try out another format apart from the default Grid Layout of the Emporio Theme? Then you should go for the List Layout type which displays the list of your recent posts in List format on the homepage. (see screenshot below)

Netsocialblog Emporio theme

To make your post in List format as shown in the screenshot above, Login to your Blogger Blog Dashboard >> Theme >> Customize >> Advanced >> Widths. Now adjust the widths till it the layout is set to List type!

» Emporio Blogger Theme Widgets

4. Awesome Cute Sharing Buttons


Although the Emporio Blogger Theme has its default Share buttons which can be found at the bottom of every article, however you can decide to give your blog a more stylish Social Share Buttons.

The Custom Sharing buttons for Emporio Theme can be added to either the beginning of your article or at the end of your article. More interesting, you can decide to add it at both the top and the end of your article following the documentation.

5. Beautiful Social Media Follow Widget

The better and best way to show your audience your social profiles is by displaying a Social Media Follow Widget can you online on your blog or website. To customize the Emporio Theme for Social Media Follow Widget, you can use the Beautiful Adjustable Social Media Widget here

6. Wikipedia Search on Blog

You can make searching information on Wikipedia lots more easier by allowing your emporio theme to accomodate the Wikipedia Search widget. To do this, simply go to Dashboard >> Layout >> Add Gadget >> Wikipedia.

» Emporio Template Blogger Styling Format

7. Font Stylings

If you are a great fan of typograpraphy, you might want to step your game and add some bit of fun to the Emporio theme fonts. To add font stylings to your Blogger Emporio Template, Login to your Dashboard >> Theme >> Customize >> Advanced >> Fonts

8. Colors Customization

There are tonnes of color combinations that you also use with your Emporio Blogger theme. For instance i use the orange color for this blog background while i use another color for this blog demo. The choice is yours to choose the color that which suits and rocks your boat.

Author’s Desk: And there goes the top 8 ways to customize your Emporio Blog Theme. However always ensure you backup your blog’s theme first before modifications so you can be able to revert incase something goes wrong.

Also, if you do not want to go through the hassle

of fixing those features by yourself,


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⇒ Feel free to leave a comment if you had trouble doing this.

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  1. Hi! I need to add a “read more” button in my snippets on Emporio. This is my blog pacificryn.blogspot.com
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    1. It will require you have a knowledge of design skills and technical. However, you can still hire us to do it for you as we offer it Blog Design and Redesign as a Service.
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  2. I was here before and hinted I may come for your customized emporio. But now I think I\’d prefer to customize my contempo blogger theme instead

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