PageSpeed – What It is And How To Check That Of Your Blog/Website.

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When a blog is first created, it contains few or no items and this makes it to load faster within ‘the twinkle of an eye’. Afterwards that the necessary features and designs [like colors, widgets, posts, and others] has been established, the blog become heavy thus making it loads slower than when it was first created. Hence it can be theoretically said “the more the items on a website’s page, the heavier the page becomes”.
In this case as the page becomes heavier, the loading time increases. With this, we can define Page Speed as the rate[faster or slower] at which a blog loads its content.
Now that we’ve known what PageSpeed is, lets move on to how we can find out the speed of a blog/website using Google Tool.

Google PageSpeed
Google PageSpeed Insights is an Online Tool that analyzes the contents of your page and shows result of the speed and user Experience. Also it gives suggestion on what to do to makes your page loads faster.

By making your page to load faster, your readers will be comfortable to stay around and check some other posts whereas reverse is the case if its opposite as they might zoom off if your blog takes forever to loads. Now that we’ve known what Page Speed is and its impact on a website, lets goto how you can check the speed of your blog.

How To Check Your blog/Website’s Speed

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Results will be displayed afterwards which will include Your PageSpeed Score and User Experience in which you can now eliminates unnecessary items that makes your page loads slower.
Have you Use the Tool before, Kindly share your Experience.

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3 thoughts on “PageSpeed – What It is And How To Check That Of Your Blog/Website.”

  1. Page loading time is obviously an important part of any website's user experience, and a really slow page that tells you about how important page speed is pretty necessary. Page Speed is an important ranking factor. In fact, it's part of Google's ranking algorithm for both desktop and mobile.
    Thanks for sharing, I should check my page speed with these tips you have shared.

  2. Of course Mazino, PageSpeed has the ability to affect the bounce rate of a website positively or negatively in which this depends on the rate at which the website loads.

    You're welcome @Joy. Hope JIW blog will score a good mark ๐Ÿ˜‰

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