How to Change your 2go Mobile Number to a New One

2go is undoubtedly one of the best Chat Application on trend especially in Nigeria. This is because of its feature which includes Instant messaging, Chatroom, GoCredits, Beautiful Interface, Abilty to change interface into various themes, low-data consuming, fast & eazy to download, and lotz More! But now 2go has launched a new feature which allows user to change the Mobile Number they used for registration to a NEW NUMBER!. The question that would pop into your mind is “why do i need to change my number? Before i continue,you might want to Read 2go Related Topics:
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To cut the story short,The ability to change your 2go Mobile Number to a New One gives you the advantage to be in total control of your account if YOUR OLD SIM IS LOST.
How to change your Number.
Step 1: Visit 2go official website
Step 2: If asked, Select your Country
Step 3: Check the address bar and you will find a link like this >>>
Step 4: Simply add /change.php to the link like this this
Step 5: Fill in the required field and THERE YOU GO!

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